Grab Bag Beanies

Logan M Styles

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Grab Bag beanies are made from a variety of different fabrics. Most consist of soft & stretchy medium-weight Hacci/Spandex blend or Jersey Cotton/Spandex blend.

Grab bags are past releases so there are no guarantees that you will not receive a duplicate item. We cannot control this. Some beanies are holiday-themed but we can't take requests for specific items. The photo shown is just an example of some of the fabrics that will be sent.

This beanie can be worn as is or folded up for a less slouchy fit.
See last photo for sizing information.
*Please note that due to the handmade nature of the item, the pattern will vary for each beanie*
Item is ready to ship within 7 business days.
Please note that colors vary on different computer screens so the color may vary slightly in person.